Conference Program
IndiEarth XChange is India’s annual trade and networking event, aimed at building pathways for and between the non-mainstream music, film and media industries -  sustainable infrastructure that will result in business for independent artists and arts professionals. 

IndiEarth XChange 2016 Opening


Sastry Karra - EarthSync (IN)
Sonya Mazumdar - EarthSync (IN)

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 11:00 / Venue: Sansara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Opening

Conference: Crossing The Lines

In a troubled world of conflict, confusion and tragedies, societies and individuals are increasingly being silenced by fear of violence, social pressures, and real or perceived threats. Despite political, moral, legal, or social challenges, many artists across the world are crossing the lines to inspire, bridge, create and collaborate, erasing borders through their craft. The session goes behind the scenes to explore what exactly this entails for the artist, and the resultant impact.


Miriam Chandy Menacherry - Filmmaker, Filament Pictures (IN)
Sonya Mazumdar - EarthSync / IndiEarth (IN)

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 11:30 / Venue: Sansara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference

Conference: Music Education - For, With, Or Despite The Music Industry?

There is a pre-disposition in music education towards teaching students for the music industry. In a rapidly evolving musical and creative field, is it the place of the education institution to work towards industry demands? Or is it more suitable to work alongside the industry, recognising the skill sets required for successful employment but also the need for educational autonomy? Or, should education focus solely on the pursuit of knowledge and creative development aside from any direct pursuit of commercial success?

This panel session is aimed towards understanding how the current model of education can better interact with professional musical and creative practices, exploring the various ways in which education institutions align themselves to industry standards and requirement. The session will include specialists who work in cross education-industry teaching practices, students, and will also be opened to audience discussion.


Dr. Kristina Kelman - Queensland University of Technology (AU)
Robin Richard - Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (IN)
Aditya Balani - Global Music Institute (IN)
Nakul Krishnamurthy - Music Student (IN)
Adam Greig - KM Music Conservatory (IN)

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 14:30 / Venue: Samsara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music Conference

Conference: Alternative Cinema: Marketing, Promotion, Release

This discussion provides insights and perspectives for filmmakers of alternative cinema who want to define their work and bring them to uncharted territories. Identifying dependable support systems - organisations, individuals and film bodies - that provide the much necessary financial sustenance, even mentorship and sometimes academic guidance towards completing their film, and the crucial step of release. The session also explores fresh, innovative and relevant formats of outreach programs and distribution channels that are a turnaround from traditional revenue generating modules.


Vijay Jayapal - Filmmaker (IN)
Vaishnavi Sundar - Filmmaker & Activist (IN)
VS Kundu - Ex-Director General, Films Division of India (IN)

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 14:30 / Venue: Surya, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Film Conference

Conference: Women On Record

Women On Record is a multi-media presentation showcasing female performers during the gramophone era - a story of the Baijis in the early twentieth century who performed in the fields of music, theatre and film. The show includes a variety of vocal music - including folk music, thumri, Geet and film songs, as well as anecdotes and videos accompanied by archival images. The performance has traveled to several cultural centres in India, South Asia and England, with Classical musician Vidya Shah taking us back into the vivid world of the Salon and the beginnings of the Studio.


Vidya Shah - Women On Record(IN)

Date: 26th Nov / Time: 15:00 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music Presentation

Arts Journalism: Content Creation, Ethics, And Reportage

What are the key factors that influence the way a Media organization reports content? What elements impact and direct the way content is created, and what is the journalist’s role in creating trends or does the trend alone dictate content? Do organizational policies affect the sorts of events that receive the most coverage, and the way information is reported to the public? This panel features key figures from different Media bodies/institutions, investigating their varying approaches to content creation in arts/culture journalism.


Rosella Stephen - The Hindu (IN)
Madanmohan Rao - World Music Editor (IN
Sonya Mazumdar - EarthSync / IndiEarth (IN)

Date: Nov 26th / Time: 16:30 / Venue: Sansara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Media Conference